Mixmono helps you with creating valuable, usable and feasible internet products


What does Mixmono?

  • Translate vision into execution for online business
  • Define and track metrics about product performance, usage and conversions
  • Actionable plan with a roadmap of incremental  & iterative development
  • Technical, tactical and strategical know-how about  developing applications

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Mixmono provides web strategy, design and management services with passion

Internet gives enormous new opportunities. With a solid understanding of a specific business domain the chances are high that you discover a need that has high value and by creating a solution for it you can get potential big revenues. But the technical know how to create such a solution is not trivial and is often the key success factor.


Mixmono offers services that aims to fulfill this gap between business and technology by assessing business ideas, researching competitors, exploring market opportunities, managing agile development projects to ensure that high quality internet products are delivered with discipline.